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This is pretty cool. It doesn't really stop, and while I normally find that annoying, the melodies and sounds were mixed in a way that keeps it interesting. None of the sounds are painful and it's not super repetitive. I could actually listen to the whole song, which is more than I can say about a lot of them. Nice work!

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Keypat responds:

Thank you so much for you review man. I'm pleased you enjoyed it! :)

Right now it sounds like all there is is that synth, and there are pauses between notes that make the next ones start late and sound really weird. I know you're saying this is just for now, but it's not very interesting overall. Also, because this is so short, it gives very little insight onto your remixing of it other than that oddly spaced synth. I would advise adding more to this and trying to make the notes sound more... normal.

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BlueAlpha14 responds:

Appreciate the review but..
1. This is a work in progress. That one synth is all that's supposed to be there because those are the main notes and in case my computer restarts I still have the mp3 file.
2. What pauses? Between the singular notes or the group? I can't do anything about the singular notes, it sounds too rushy when I combine them.

However, I understand from a listener's point of view it is probably not to your expectations. I apologize and I hope the final version will be better. I was more looking for if the main synth was alright, since its not really final.

The first thing I thought when I heard this is that there is a lot going on. It can be distracting, and at times the sounds seem to interfere with each other more than they compliment each other. There also doesn't appear to be much of a structure, but I'm not too familiar with video game music so I'm not sure how important that is. It's not bad, and this is just my opinion, but it's not amazing.

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Zechnition responds:

I think that structure isn't as needed in VGM but this song definitely needs more of one, Thanks!

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